Bayou Fighting Championship

We thank you for your recent consideration in becoming a sponsor for our upcoming Bayou Fighting Championship event! Our goal is to properly accommodate your company’s sponsorship into one of the most EXCITING live combat sporting events in your area!

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Bayou Fighting CHampionship

About Our Sponsorship Opportunities

In recent years, Mixed Martial Arts sporting events have developed into hugely successful business models which have seen surges in popularity since its inception in the 1990s. The global appeal for MMA has quite simply been phenomenal. It’s currently one of the top fastest growing sports in the world, evolving from its roots to the technical sport built on the athletically- conditioned, competitive spirit that we see today.

Our company is headed by a pair of individuals who have a combined 60+ years experience in practicing, coaching and competing at high international levels of martial arts, including the UFC. When you’re allocating sponsorship monies toward a sport, event promoters’ experience in said sport is key to putting on a memorable, exciting, elite-level event for patrons exposed to your service or product.

BFC Ring Girls
MMA Crowd
We're Growing By The Day!

BFC Audience

While thousands of engaged and extremely passionate fans of all ages attend our shows, our key demographic for our LIVE in-person events are between the ages of 25 and 55 years old. 

While males do dominate our audience, don’t forget that a large 30% share of our audience is female and they are actively engaged during this event.

Bayou Fighting Championship is a modern and innovative way for sponsors to gain attention from a large segment of the area’s population that has disposable and/or discretionary income to spend.

Social Media Exposure To Over 20K Followers

Currently our brand has over 20K followers across all platforms and reaches over 200k viewers leading up to each event on social media through our advertising campaigns, and that number grows every day. With our solid social media fan base, we can utilize the amount of eyes on our pages as exposure to your company name. 

Over 200k Monthly Engagement
Nearly 3k Followers
Typically 3k Monthly Users Engaged

Why Work With Us?


The growing popularity of our events is a testament to our brand’s extensive knowledge in the martial arts arena from event promotion, competitor matchmaking and entertainment to marketing, web promotion and social media presence. Our promoters have competed in and coached elite-level martial arts competitions all over the world (including the UFC) and hold extensive backgrounds in business ownership.  We have experts in their respective fields on staff who have been in the social media management and advertising fields for decades. Our team is amazing at creating effective advertising promotions for BFC events and for sponsors by utilizing design expertise and powerful copywriting techniques which work to get the maximum amount of reach for each specific sponsorship package.


Our entire team has been affiliated with some aspect of martial arts for the majority of their lives. The benefits of martial arts can’t be quantified, but by your sponsorship monies aiding the existence of this event, you are helping young members of your own community in various ways. Your sponsorship ensures the continuation of a space to compete in concerning a sport that they’re passionate about; a sport that has its roots in the journey of teaching individuals a sense of belief in the self and for the empathy of the collective. We believe your sponsorship also invests in local athletes, positively affecting your community.  We thank you again for your interest in being a part of what Bayou Fighting Championship has to offer.

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